Weather Test, Monday March 12

We will have a weather unit text on Monday, March 12. Please review all vocabulary from chapter 6 & chapter 7, your notes from class, your weather packet, and any brainpop videos that have been assigned.

Also, please note the following information:

  1. The uneven heating of the earth’s surface is the cause of weather.
  2. Weather is the current conditions; climate is the long-term trends.
  3. As altitude increases, air pressure decreases.
  4. High pressure typically brings good weather; low pressure typically brings bad weather.
  5. Both warm and cold fronts bring precipitation. Cold fronts bring sudden, heavy storms, while warm fronts bring long, steady precipitation.
  6. The boundary between two air masses is called a front. Air masses share characteristics (temp, humidity) with the region over which they were formed.
  7. In the US, weather typically moves from west to east.
  8. Know the water cycle.

Pictures from Houston

Below are pictures I took while attending the 24th Annual Space Exploration Educators Conference at Space Center Houston. Enjoy!

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