School Supplies for 2019-2020

Here is the school supply list for all of my classes.

Please bring all of these to class by Thursday, September 12.

Each of the following items needs to be brought to class EVERYDAY. It is a classroom expectation that students arrive each day in uniform and prepared for class.

  1. Notebook (a binder with looseleaf, shared with other subjects is acceptable)
  2. Pencil (I recommend mechanical pencils)
  3. Color-pencils
  4. USB Flash Drive (I recommend at least 1GB)
  5. Ruler
  6. Scissors
  7. headphones/earbuds
  8. One – 2 pocket folder (black, this will be used for science handouts)

Also, students are asked to bring one of the following special items according to their assigned class:

701 – Paper Towels & Tissues
702 – Clorox/Disinfectant Wipes
703 –¬†Looseleaf Paper
704 –¬†Printer Paper

There will also be times when we are working on special projects where additional materials are requested.

Each student will have a school gmail account with access to Google Classroom.

This video is a few years old, but still applies: