Science Test – Tuesday 29 May

On Tuesday, May 29, we will be having our final science test for the year. It is a comprehensive exam which will cover ALL the topics we discussed over the last 9 months. Please review your science notes, vocabulary foldables, BrainPop videos, handouts, etc. to prepare for this test. The exam will be approximately 40 multiple choice and short answer questions. Here are a list of topics to help you to study:

  • Weather (Conditions, Clouds, Air Pressure, Fronts, Air Masses, Isolines, Atmosphere)
  • Simple Machines
  • Energy (Transformations, KE/PE)
  • Heat (Types of Heat Transfer, Expansion/Contraction)
  • States of Matter
  • Reading Charts and Graphs
  • Volume, Mass, and Density
  • Food Chains and Webs
  • Ecosystem Roles (predator/prey, consumer/producer, herbivore/carnivore/omnivore)
  • Cells
  • Animal Classification
  • Photosynthesis